People quite often ask us if we can show them some of our previous plans, either to get ideas or to judge the quality of our work. To that end, we have compiled some samples, divided into three groups.

  • 100 Square Meter designs 🗗
    Aimed at relative's accomodation clients. The 100 square metres refers to only the habitable areas and excludes deck and carports. The habitable area is measured to the outside walls and the room areas are measured to the inside walls.

  • Single Storey Designs 🗗
    A selection of single storey designs we have done previously. These are suited for clients who for one reason or another do not want to have to negotiate stairs.

  • Double Storey Designs 🗗
    These bring their own sense of uniqueness and character to the design, also to enhance the view in locations which lend themselves to this.

  • Commercial Projects
    Whilst the bulk of our work is residential, when time permits, we occasionally take on commercial work. The following are a selection of projects we have been engaged in.
    1. Major sheds project
    2. Canungra Medical Centre
    3. Main Street Cafe
    4. The Outpost Cafe
    5. Tamborine Mountain Distillery